Are you planning to Learn Arabic in Chennai?

Lingua Francas, Arabic Language Training Institute in Chennai is the best place to start.

Arabic is one of the largely eminent spoken languages in the Middle East. It is learnt that on a worldwide scale, 260 million people speak this language. People living in nations like Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia talk in Arabic, the predominantly spoken language. It is a quite familiar information amongst people that Arabic is the main language in gulf countries where there is a high quantum of workers working there. When individuals are familiar with Arabic language, it facilitates their activity of communication with colleagues in the organisation. On a comparative scale, the experience of learning Arabic will be highly unique than the other languages that are spoken across the globe. The difference seen in the writing style of Arabic words is from the right side to left side when compared with all other languages it is vice versa, from margin to the right side. Despite this language being felt easy to converse, the activities of reading and writing the language is indeed stated to be tough.

Among other Arabic language teaching institutes in Chennai, Lingua Francas is one of the topmost institute. Lingua Franca has a set of professional Arabic interpreters and translators, who are working at the Chennai location of the institute in India. We also have local Arabic translators, who form part of our group.

We have very skilled, professional and experienced linguists to train students studying at our institute by providing them the needful knowledge and support. The language is taught in a novel, exciting and informative manner by our qualified staff wherein this will make students get a firm hold of that language within a short time. It is ensured by our language specialists that students will experience maximum comfort in learning the language through handling communication with them in a highly polite and decent way.

Course Structure

  • Beginner Level
  • The course is taught for those individuals who wish to read/write/speak/listen in respect of learning about socializing or gain mastery in the area of daily communication that happen in an organisation. We teach Arabic language to beginners where instructions will be offered on all the aspects of the language like speaking, writing, listening and reading thereby assuring them a feeling of high degree of comfort while learning it.

  • Intermediate Level
  • The language course has been created by us to help those students who do not know the grammar of Arabic language but possess a certain degree of knowledge about the language and the related script. The course is devised even with the idea of satisfying the requirements of students who already hold a beginner level certificate in Arabic language.

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