Learn French in Chennai

Lingua Francas is one of the best French Language training Institutes in Chennai with an experience of about a decade and helping candidates coming with different requirements such as Education, Work and Migration purpose. We make their life easier by providing our candidates with proper training needed for them.

French language is one of the powerful and largely spoken languages in over 29 nations across the globe. Presently, we are in a societal setting where it is notable across the world that employers look out for individuals who have bilingual skills and can interact with clients living in various other nations. The advantage possessed by personnel with bilingual talent will help them in becoming more valuable and raises the probability of them getting place in a job of their liking. It is learnt that from the overall world population, 128 million people have the capability of conversing in French and you need to decide upon the number of new friends that you could most probably make. The internet concept has made greater inroads in almost every country and the world is shrinking into one single miniscule marketplace and through studying the French language, you can build your acquaintances and share your individual experiences with them.

We conduct classes with a team of professors who have undergone maximum training in teaching French and are seasoned experts in this language. We have a flexible set of time slots for the classes. We utilise the most recent teaching and learning methods that is evident of our differential approach wherein the students will get that feeling of comprehensiveness.

The course that we are teaching presently is designed for students who are willing to strengthen their fundamental knowledge of French language. The important areas of writing, reading, speaking and listening (Vocabulary, basic grammar, pronunciations and sentence framing) in this language will be taught. The course will train you for taking up the DELF (Diploma in French Studies) certification course that is run by the Ministry of Education, France.

Course Structure

  • Beginner
  • You will be able to appreciate the daily conversations that happen between people alongside applying the same and the basic phrases that are taught to cater to the requirements of those individuals who wish to attain mastery in the language. You will be able to make new friends and chat with them by asking questions pertaining to their individual life such as people you where you live, things you have and people you know. You will get the skill of using simple manner of communication while conversing with another individual if that individual communicates with you in a clear manner and has a helping nature.

  • Intermediate
  • A greater insight on the frequently experienced subjects like school, work, leisure etc will be gained by you. You can deal with most situations likely to arise whilst travelling in an area where French language is spoken amidst the people. You can generate your own contents on those subjects that are either in vogue amongst the masses or that you like most. You can get the ability of expanding on things like your dreams, hopes & ambitions, experiences and events alongside provide the logical description for your plans and opinions.

  • Advanced
  • You will gain the talent of comprehending a multitude of tough contents and ascertain their inner meaning. The competencies of spontaneous and smooth expression can be earned by you without experiencing difficulty in looking out for clarity of expressions. Through imbibing this language, you can deploy it in the most adaptive manner for completing your social, professional and academic-related commitments. You can derive the talents of bringing out clear and comprehensive contents on difficult topics and ability of thoughtful usage of cohesive devices, connectors and organizational patterns.

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