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Lingua Francas Japanese Classes are one of the best in Chennai trained by a bunch of expert and experienced Japanese speakers. Lingua Francas functions as one of the foremost Japanese language training institute at Chennai, India. The notion behind teaching this course is to make Japanese course applicable for all levels of students ranging from fresh to advanced level and make them earn the talent of reading, writing, speaking and listening wherein this will also build the intercultural proficiency amongst the students.

It is heard that 130 million masses across Japan speak with one another in the Japanese language that also includes the emigrant communities living in this nation. Apart from the enormous communication level in Japan in the Japanese language, spoken by almost a majority of the people it is even noted that people in Brazil and USA account for 1 million of individuals, who speak Japanese. Peru, Australia, Phillipines, Canada and Argentina are the other nations where the Japanese emigrant communities dwell. It is extremely imperative for individuals or corporates who do business in Japan and with the Japanese establishments to have a strong command over the Japanese language since many people born and brought up in this country have lesser knowledge of English language.

Due to Japan gaining greater attention on the economic and global fronts, it becomes imperative to be familiar with the Japanese language for getting access to information that is only given in this language alongside raise the related knowledge levels and get a clear insight about Japan. Once your thoughts are fully focused on learning the language, people and characters in this Japanese language, the passion for knowing more about this exciting language will be formed within you.

Course Structure

JLPT course is structured for entry level learners, who are not aware of the settings of the Japanese language. This course has been created to train students in accordance with the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) syllabus for assessing and certifying the level of efficacy of foreign speakers in the Japanese language. Provisioning of comprehensive knowledge in all the elements of the language such as reading, writing, speaking and listening will be given utmost accentuation in this course.

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