Need to Learn Spanish in Chennai?

Lingua Francas language training module has Spanish Language Training which has helped many students with their studies, work and migration purpose. We are the Best Spanish Coaching Institute in Chennai with a reputation of having training many candidates.

Spanish language is considered to follow Mandarin Chinese in terms of being the largest spoken language. Many people living in the countries of the European and South American continents speak in this language. It is even noted that in nations surrounding the Asia-Pacific and African continent, there is a certain section of masses who speak this language. Of late, this language is noted to be one amongst the largely learnt languages. Several colleges and schools have added this language into their syllabus. It is even seen that there is a rise in Spanish language learning amongst other class of individuals instead of its mere confinement to the academic level.

The benefit of learning Spanish language lies in helping you to communicate with your fellow colleagues at an international level where every individual will either be having a easy communication flow in Spanish or a good working knowledge in this language. The burgeoning economic status of nations in South America has resulted in the reinforcement of countries coming under Latin America to be in the reckoning for earning a status, globally. Based on these points, it is stated that Spanish language knowledge is essential for getting equipped to the dynamic nature of changes happening, worldwide.

A big surge in the amount of Spanish language learners is witnessed for whatsoever reasons, academic, business or non-academic. The Spanish language is becoming admired as evident from its presence on electronic media forms like internet and television channels. It is notable that the training and the study materials are also given in Spanish apart from the usual English language.

Course Structure

  • Beginner
  • Help in getting a grasp of the daily conversations and some basic expressions that are done to fulfil the requirements of students who wish to have solid knowledge of the language Facilitate the student in getting introduced to others and communicate with them freely by asking some questions like where he/she lives, things he/she has and people he/she knows To gain the skill of talking with other individuals using simple words when those individuals speak in a clear manner and show a helpful attitude

  • Elementary
  • Get the ability of imbibing the daily expressions and sentences that are used and in the mostly confabulated subjects like very basic personal and family information, shopping, employment and local geography. Ability to interact on the most easy and regularly done activities that needs direct informational interchange Capability to explain in a simple manner about things like his/her background, matters in the areas of immediate need and immediate environment

  • Intermediate
  • To become acquainted with the cardinal points on frequently discussed subjects like school, leisure, work and others. Ability to tackle all kinds of conditions that can most possibly occur whilst moving in the area where this language is seen to be spoken by the respective people. Acquire the skill of generating simple connected text on known subjects or those subjects that are liked by individuals. Obtain the talent of explaining about dreams, hopes and ambitions, experiences and events and provide concise descriptions and reasons for the plans and opinion

  • Advanced
  • Ability of the students to underline the key points of an intricate text pertaining to summarised and solid subjects alongside giving a comprehensive presentation in their subject of specialization are also covered. Attain mastery in fluent communication coupled with spontaneity for continual interaction with the nationals of that country where smoother communication flow happens. Acquire the skill of generating content on various subjects with utmost clarity and present their views on some latest topic and list out the merits and demerits of different subject choices that exist.

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